"Girls at Work, Inc. is more than just teaching girls how to be independent, it a program that helps girls find them selves. This is also a program builds friendships and saves lives, by teaching girls they are capable of what ever they set their minds to!

Thank you, for saving MY LIFE!"

— Hollie Nicolette

"It is amazing what this program does for young women of all ages. Seeing the pride and confidence in the girls' eyes when they see what they have built is an amazing thing!"

— Megan Lane, 22

"I loved learning how to build and use the tools. It was incredible building a wall with the girls!"

— Meghan Ledoux, 23

“Girls at Work, Inc. brought a unique team building exercise to our organization that everyone really enjoyed. Our group learned how to work together and succeed even if all the necessary resources are not at their fingertips. And at the end of the day we had four beautiful picnic tables to use for years to come.”

— Mel Gosselin

NH Food Bank

Girls @ Work rocks! I loved being able to work with the program again!

— Amanda, 14

"Elaine made it fun to learn how to build chairs and shelves."

— Jordan, 13

"This is an amazingly empowering program!"

— Raianna, 13

"Building with Girls @ Work is a very rewarding and empowering experience."

— Jasmine, 14

"It was a great experience, and I loved being able to contribute something to the camp that will be here for future campers to enjoy."

— Kristina, 16

"It was fun and a great challenge! I hope Girls @ Work returns every year!"

— McKayla, 14

A letter from the director of Circle Program.

— Paula Ferenc

View letter

"The warmth of the wood fire, the smell of wood shavings, the sound of laughter… and the hum of POWER TOOLS! We jumped at the chance to try our hands at “building” with Elaine in the Girls at Work shop, sensing from our meeting with her that it would be a great experience. It was that and then some! Elaine and her volunteers have created such a warm, nurturing, welcoming environment. Her easy manner quickly erases any trepidation, anxiety, insecurity or intimidation you might feel in a venue that has often been seen as “off limits” for girls and women. Our entire staff delighted in their creations and are anxious to return for new projects. Clearly, Elaine and [email protected] have created a unique and special thing, providing an opportunity for women of all ages to shine in a way that is often not thought of. Keep up the great work. You are gems!"

— Sandy

"I think it's really fun! We learn how to build and if you say you can't they tell you that you can!"

— MaryGrace, 8 years old

"Thank you Girls at Work! When Mary came into your workshop, she was intimidated...and in just a few hours, she was a powerhouse. The self-confidence she gained from taking part in your program took a deep root and has continued to grow in so many areas. And if you ask Mary, she'll just tell you she had so much fun and she knew she could do it all along! Thank you again for the terrific job that you do!"

— Shannon (Mary's mom)

"It was awesome!! I want to make more stuff!!!"

— Ilana, 7 years old

"This project was fun, it was the first time I used most of these tools. I would like to do this project again, it was a great experience"

— Kate, 13 years old

"I am blown away by the impact this program has on the girls served. I believe that all girls should have the chance to participate and find voice, confidence and success in this program."

— Nancy, Girl Scout camp director and current member of the national board of directors of the American Camp Association

"This was the third summer that Girls at Work came to build with our girls at Circle camp and, as in years past, it was truly amazing to see the transformation that happens over the course of a day. It's about more than just learning to build, it's about the pride and accomplishment that comes with doing something completely new and inspiring."

— Elizabeth Beeson, Executive Director of the Circle Program

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