Make a Girl’s Experience Powerful!

Making a donation is easy, and can be done right here. (Your donation comes with a valuable tax receipt.)

Our Goal is to raise $25,000 so we can empower as many young girls as possible.

Donation Amounts – Your Dollars At Work

Your donations have a direct impact on the girls in our programs. Choose an amount below so we can get more girls to work!

$25 provides a building experience to a young girl:


$50 provides a building experience and a special Girls at Work, Inc. t-shirt to a young girl:


One year we were fortunate to have a sponsor provide t-shirts to a large group of our little builders. When the girls learned that they were each going to receive a t-shirt at the end of their building project they were thrilled and completely beside themselves. Who knew a t-shirt would bring so much joy!
As we handed out the t-shirts, to our little eight and nine year olds, each one asked for an extra-large. When we asked them why they wanted shirts that were clearly too large for them, the first response we received was, and I quote, “so I can wear it for the rest of my life!”

When girls tap into their inner power through building it leaves a mark that disrupts the cultural conditioning that has told them that they are weak.

Please help us send them home with a solid reminder of how powerful they are!

$100 provides a building experience and a special Girls at Work, Inc. t-shirt to a young girl. This donation level also includes a raffle ticket for a custom-built picnic table:


$1,000 sponsors a whole day’s worth of Girls at Work, Inc. building for an entire group of young girls!