Girls building

Each build reminds us WHY girls should build



Girls building

There are so many reasons why I love to build with girls. I’m certain that if I had to make a list of those reasons, it would go on forever.

Each and every build clearly shows why building with girls is such an important and powerful experience:  it teaches girls so much about themselves and the inherent power they have within.

Last week, in our after-school program, one of the little builders was struggling through the instructional portion of our program. This is a common occurrence in so many of our builders and I am sure the reasons for this vary widely. I used the line “stay with me” at least a half dozen times. Each time, I gained the little builder’s attention for a few minutes, but soon she would drift off once again.

What surprises me most with this sort of “attention-challenged” little girl is what happens when she uses that first power tool. It is incredible to see how unbelievably focused she becomes. It is almost as if our little builders who struggle most with staying focused for instruction absorb more than those who seem overly focused on instruction. And with every tool the focus remains the same!

I spoke to some of the volunteers on hand to find out what they thought of this. My background is not in the world of academia or psychology, though at times I wish it was. But it was pretty refreshing to learn that many kids today are tactile learners, and that building is a really wonderful way to reach them. So the next time I find myself using the words “stay with me,” I will remember that I am looking at another incredible little builder.

I’ll be sure to add this to the list of why girls should build!

Elaine Hamel

Executive Director