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Girls at Work, Inc. proudly partners with many non-profit agencies serving at- risk youth in New Hampshire and throughout New England. To support those partnerships which allow us to reach the girls who benefit the most from our program, we actively seek and gratefully accept donations of money and materials. In these challenging economic times, many non-profits would be unable afford programs like Girls at Work without reduced fees. Your donations reduce the cost of our program to our partnership agencies and the girls they serve.

Your donation will be applied directly to our programming costs. This will enable us to provide a program that will help girls at risk discover their inner tools of strength and courage leaving them feeling successful, strong and powerful. What better tools to help them navigate through difficulties that girls at risk are faced with.

Thank you for helping us to help them, your support is greatly appreciated. Donate herePayPal



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How your Donations will Support our Program:

This year while working closely with the Dr. Livingston, the superintendent of the Manchester school district, we were approved to work directly with the school district. For over a year folks said the school board would never approve this partnership as we are considered a high risk program. Since 2000 we have had over 10,000 girls build with us, all scratch free!

We currently have twelve Manchester Title 1 schools on a waiting list to build with us in our After School Program. Our goal is to raise $56,000, which will enable us to work with each of these schools in an eight week program where the girls will build with us once a week. Help us make this happen and bring empowerment to the girls that need it right here in Manchester, NH!

Thank you for helping us to help them, your support is greatly appreciated. Donate here