It Takes All of Us to Empower Girls

Many heartfelt thanks to all of the folks who help us empower girls to believe in themselves through building. A special thank you to the Women’s Fund of New Hampshire, which enabled us to track the impact of our program this year.

This summer, we developed a questionnaire that each girl completed after building with us. One of the questions the girls were asked was: “How do you feel about yourself now that you learned how to use power tools to build?” Of the incredible responses from—“awesomer” to “powerful” and everything in between—the one answer that stuck out most was, “I don’t feel stupid anymore.” Many of the girls we target have such difficult lives “lled with neglect, abandon and even abuse that they are left feeling alone and powerless.

How validating to know that we can provide an experience for these girls that enables them to feel powerful, smart and yes, “awesomer!”

Bring on 2012!

Many thanks to our Board Members Nikki Thompson, Kari Lasky, Daria Harvey, Laurie Johnson and Cathy Trudo for their dedication and support that has enabled us to stay afloat while many non-profits did not survive. After many interviews, we are proud to welcome our new Board of Directors Claudia Nixon, Joan Izen, Sunny Mulligan, Cameron Ford, Ray Bent and Kim Keagan. Fasten your seat belts, 2012 is going to be a great year for Girls at Work, Inc!