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Team Builds

Girls at Work provides woodworking programs that empower girls to see themselves as strong, powerful and capable. Program participants are transformed by this experience; they learn to tap into their internal power tools of strength and courage, tools that help them to reset their perceptions of themselves. But the success of our program does not stop there. When this happens there is a ripple effect as these girls are then able to help build strong communities for everyone.

We invite you and your team to experience this same sense of empowerment and growth through our Corporate Build Program. The colleagues and community groups that participate in our team-building programs learn to cooperate, to complement each other’s strengths as they work together toward a shared goal. By participating in one of our Corporate Build programs your team will learn to:


  • overcome fear while learning to use power tools safely
  • conquer difficult challenges and develop team skills through problem solving
  • get to know each other better
  • identify group strengths and weaknesses
  • develop new strategies for working together more effectively

By investing in our Corporate Build program you are not only benefiting your team you are also committing to invest in the potential of young girls and your community.

A portion of the fee for every Corporate Build workshop will provide programming to empower a group of at-risk girls. Girls at Work has partnered with local community organizations who have identified specific needs for woodworking projects including picnic tables, bookshelves, tables, and more. Participating organizations will have the opportunity to donate the item they build to a non-profit.

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Professional development for teachers

Teachers interested in a unique professional development opportunity are invited to work as a group with Girls at Work. programs can be customized to focus on specific needs such as team building, trouble shooting, etc. Girls at Work can help educators explore ways of integrating hands-on techniques with traditional classroom learning. The program can also help groups of teachers work better together and grow more cohesive as a team.

Teachers will:

  • overcome fears associated with power tools
  • develop teamwork skill through problem solving
  • view co-workers through a new lens
  • identify group strengths and weaknesses
  • begin to develop new strategies for working together more effectively


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