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Team Builds

We invite you and your team to experience this same sense of empowerment and growth through our Team Build Program.

Colleagues and community groups participating in our team-building programs have the opportunity to experience the true challenge of feeling ‘lesser than as they step into an unfamiliar environment with power tools. This is an integral piece of the program as many of our little builders struggle with feeling ‘lesser than’ on a daily basis.

Individuals discover that working closely together and using critical thinking skills (particularly important in an unfamiliar situation) as a team is instrumental in the process of building.

Engaging together in this environment, colleagues work through anxiety and uncertainty, and through  their collective efforts and lots of team support, bundles of pre-cut lumber transform into beautiful picnic tables.

Newly minted builders not only feel amazing at what they have accomplished as a team, but are also thrilled knowing the picnic tables are donated to inner city schools and non- profits in the community where the need is great.

The sense of accomplishment among participants is evidenced by the number of ‘selfies’ taken while posing with the table and tools!

Bring your most diverse teams together to collaborate and build! 

Here’s How it Works:


Participants will be divided into teams of 5 or 6. Each team will have a bundle of pre-cut wood, along with all necessary tools to construct a picnic table. While some instruction and guidance is offered, no plans are provided. Builders will need to rely heavily on their teammates and critical thinking skills.

Each builder will overcome self-doubt that typically surfaces at the beginning of the build as most have minimal experience with building. Each team will build picnic tables to be donated to inner city schools and non-profits in their communities.
Builds are scheduled for Friday mornings and require a 3-4 hour block of time.

Cost: $125 per person (12 person minimum)
         $95 per person (50 to 100 participants)
         Lunch is Included!

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4 Elm St, Manchester, NH
American-Canadian Genealogical Society building, beside Blessed Sacrament.
Park in the back, enter side door.