Summer Camp Programs

Each summer we load up our truck and head to camps throughout New England. We set up shop with our equipment, and then we build: Small shaker peg boards, raised beds, bookcases and sheds, to name just a few items. We can spend the day with up to 120 of your campers, building small shaker peg boards, or we can spend a week building a shed with a select few. We design our time at your camp to meet the needs of your girls and your camp. If you are interested in having us build with your campers this summer, please contact us soon as dates are limited.

Also, we are gearing up to offer a few full weeks of ‘summer camp building’ at our shop this year! Stay tuned for details and be sure to sign up early as spots will be limited to 10 girls per week, and spots are given out on a first-come-first-served basis.

2018 Summer Camp Info and Sign up

Girls at Work, Inc. offers a variety of summer workshops which can be customized to fit the needs of individual organizations.  In all of our programs, girls can expect to:
  • learn the importance of safety and staying focused
  • overcome fears about power tools
  • tap into inner power tools of strength and courage
  • discover the rewards of teamwork
  • leave with a new sense of confidence and capability

Souvenir Build

Starting at age six, girls can participate in a one-hour class, learning some basic woodworking skills and the safe use of power tools. The girls will use the following tools to build a shaker peg board: A palm sander, a cordless drill, a drill press, a branding iron and a hammer. Girls at Work, Inc. will run as many as eight one-hour classes per day, with a maximum of 10 girls per class. Each girl will have a completed project to take home. Minimum 60 girls. Maximum 100 girls. All materials are included.

Give back Build

If your camp or organization would like to build a structure or project for your site, Girls at Work, Inc. can customize the building project to accomplish your organization’s goal, while simultaneously empowering your campers as they build it. Past projects have included: Bookcases, window boxes, benches, birdhouses, planters, picnic tables, raised beds, tennis walls and entire sheds. Just let us know how many girls you would like to have participate in the project and what kind of project you want them to complete. Larger projects are likely to take multiple days, depending on the complexity of the project and how many girls will participate. Girls at Work, Inc. will work with you to plan the best schedule and participant level to ensure that the project is a success for the organization and the girls. Numbers of participants will vary depending on the project. Materials not included.

Fundraising Build

Girls at Work, Inc. now offers an exciting new program: The Fundraising Build. During one recent fundraising build, teen girls built several Adirondack chairs which were then painted by local artists and later auctioned off at a fundraiser for the girls’ teen center. These builders were very proud to help raise funds for an organization that had given them so much, and they were also empowered through the process of learning to build using power tools. Everyone benefited! Number of participants: Minimum eight, maximum 12. Materials not included.

Staff/Team Development Build

This program is an excellent team-builder for your summer camp staff and you. You will learn about each of them as individuals as you watch them build together. It offers a great opportunity to observe their strengths and vulnerabilities while they bond as a team and work together toward a common goal. As an added bonus, your camp or organization will have some wonderful new picnic tables to use over the summer! This build is open to both male and female staff members. Number of participants: Minimum 12, maximum 24. Materials not included.

Note: No previous woodworking experience is required. The hands-on approach of Girls at Work, Inc. should enable you to better understand the challenges and frustrations you may encounter with your campers and how best to handle them.