TEDxAmoskeagMillyard & Mindset was Awesome!

We were so excited to be speaking at TEDxAmoskeagMillyard on November 2! The theme this year was MINDSET, the mental attitudes that impact our choices and actions, ultimately influencing our results. Be sure to check out the video and a copy of our writeup from the TEDxAmoskeagMillyard site is below.

From TEDx site:

We are pleased to announce that Elaine Hamel will be a speaker at TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013!
Twenty-two years ago, Elaine registered a young neighbor in summer camp.  In exchange for the fee, she agreed to spend a week teaching girls how to safely use power tools to build.  That week ignited a fire that has fueled her passion since.

Elaine is the executive director of Girls at Work, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps girls unlock their inherent potential by learning to build with power tools.  Along the way, they help girls discover their inner power tools of strength and courage to build strong, safe lives.  In 2000, after nearly 13 years in the construction industry as the founder of EMH Remodeling, Elaine founded Girls at Work.  Since its inception, Elaine has encouraged nearly 7,000 girls (and women) to move beyond their comfort zones and overturn stereotypes that are nothing more than self-limiting assumptions.

Elaine spent several months over a period of five years as a volunteer in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina where she trained and managed volunteers rebuilding for those in need.  Elaine remains connected to the New England region artisan environment by participating in workshops, including Snowfarm New England Craft Program (woodturning), the Haystack Mountain School of Craft (blacksmithing), the New Hampshire Institute of Art (pottery, silversmithing) and the New Hampshire Technical College (cabinetmaking).

Elaine has participated in many business and leadership workshops including Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations, the NH Center for Nonprofits, the Council on Fundraising, the New England Women’s Leadership Institute and Leadership NH.  Elaine is also a member of the National Association of Women in Construction, the Guild of NH Woodworkers, and serves on the steering committee for Construction Career Days.

To help support its general programming, Girls at Work also hosts workshops for women, corporate team-building workshops, professional development programs for teachers and girls-only power birthday parties!