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The power of Power Parties

There are conflicting arguments about the use of power tools by young girls. Unfortunately,  more often than not, the society we live in — influenced by toy manufacturers, media, Disney, and more —  is quick to define our young girls as “princesses” (fragile), while little boys are portrayed as “rough and tumble” (strong). There are few messages and/or experiences that encourage our little girls to tap into their strength, courage and power: Is it really any wonder that we continue to see the imbalance between genders? That imbalance is promoted from a very early age and the messages/experiences that little girls get are the building blocks for a foundation upon which our little girls build their lives.

We’re certainly not against princesses, but a balance is essential. Recently, we posted a photo of a little girl, wearing a tutu and a Darth Vader mask, on our Girls at Work, Inc. Facebook page. It portrayed strength plus style — and most likely some sweet dance moves. What a powerful combination. Is that not the balance that we want to give to our girls?

We, at Girls at Work, Inc., are about providing an experience that enables girls to tap into their inner power. We build with girls as young as 6, which is old enough to focus with instruction and young enough to perhaps have the experience help shape her mindset. We offer “Power Parties” for birthdays, so that little girls have the opportunity to not only celebrate a very important day in their lives, but celebrate that power that is inside of all of them. As a matter of fact, some of our builders even wear tutus!

“Teaching our daughters that ‘girls can do anything’ is one of the greatest lessons we can offer.”

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what mom Mary Johanna Brown had to say: “Thanks to Girls at Work, my daughter Haley’s 9th birthday was a great success! To watch her and her friends swinging a hammer, holding a power drill and sanding their creations was not only a gift for all of them, but an honor for me.

“Teaching our daughters that ‘girls can do anything’ is one of the greatest lessons we can offer. Elaine teaches in a no-nonsense hands-on manner that thoughtfully engages all participants. Thanks Elaine and Girls at Work for all the great work you do!”

Is there a young girl in your life who will celebrate a birthday soon? Before you decide to go down the princess path, consider a Power Party. We can travel to you and your birthday girl, or she and up to 14 of her friends can head to our shop. The girls will spend a couple of hours building a small shaker peg board that will be a tangible reminder of how capable and powerful they are. Then there will be much chatter about how excited they are to find out what else they are capable of!

Then, when the building is complete, the birthday girls and her buddies can eat all the princess cake they like — tutus not required!

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Girls at Work, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers our services to organizations that work with girls from group homes, low-income families, with incarcerated parents or parents in rehab. (While our focus is at-risk girls we don’t turn anyone away.)  We also work to build partnerships with youth organizations that focus on girls at risk. We rely on funding and sponsorships to help subsidize the cost of our program. Please consider donating to our cause!