Team Builds for Girls

Why should I do a TEAM BUILD with my girls?

In a world where girls are often taught to be small, it is really difficult to believe you are ‘small’ once you’ve built a picnic table with a group of girls. We have built with thousands of girls over the years, and watched as this experience created some lasting bonds. We can also say that the transformation from self doubt to self confidence is undeniable.

Can both teachers and girls do this program?

This program provides an incredible opportunity to unite your teachers after the difficult year they have all been through. Most female participants are filled with self doubt and uncertainty and are extremely hesitant to sign up for a build. Teachers and their female students can both participate in this program as building has the amazing ability to level a playing field. Since most girls and women have never used power tools before, this program allows an opportunity for teachers and students to work as a team and not as student/teacher.

Can Girls at Work, Inc. come to do a build at our school?

Yes we do travel to schools and can set up on site. We would need a large area and access to power in order to sand all of the tables with electric palm sanders. Please be sure sawdust would not be an issue in the space.

Is there a limit to how many can participate?

This would depend on the age of the girls. If they are younger they will require a bit more support and oversight, so the groups would be a bit smaller. If they are teens, the groups can be much larger.

What is the age limit?

Eight years old is a pretty safe bet with building. They are strong (and heavy enough!) to be able to apply enough pressure to drive screws into the lumber with cordless screw guns. It’s a really powerful experience for all girls!

What is the time frame?

We typically allow three hours of actual building time from start to finish.

Does anyone need to know how to build to do this program?

No building experience required at all. They will certainly feel like builders once they sit on the awesome picnic tables they built!

Team Builds for Girls - Girls at Work
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Team Builds for Businesses

Why should I do a team build with my staff?

Building is a powerful connector. Studies have shown when you have a group of people in an unfamiliar environment (using power tools) working toward a common goal (building picnic tables), the experience creates some powerful connections. The end result is that your team has worked outside of their comfort zone together, overcome many obstacles together, learned some new building skills, mastered the use of a cordless screw gun, and learned how empowering building can be while donating beautifully built picnic tables to area non profits or inner city schools in need.

Is this just for women?

This program is for all genders.

Do TEAM BUILDS only happen at Girls at Work, Inc.?

We are able to travel to different locations to do Team Builds and there is typically a cost associated with travel. We would need a wide open space with access to power in order to plug in many electric palm sanders.

Is there a limit to how many can participate?

We can accommodate up to 100, as long as we have a space large enough to accomodate. We divide groups into teams of five or six and each team will build a picnic table. We also mix up the teams throughout to eliminate any chance of competition.

What is the time frame?

It will take your team around three hours to complete the build. We do not do any painting or staining during this build.

Do we need to know how to build?

No prior building experience at all is required.

Is there an age limit?

No age limit..

Do we need to have anything on hand?

We provide all materials and tools needed to complete the build. All lumber is pre-cut which encourages critical thinking and team building. It is really powerful to watch the self doubt shift to confidence and self esteem quickly during this build.

Do you provide lunch?

We do not provide lunch, but we strongly recommend you provide lunch so that everyone can sit together and enjoy a meal and share the pride of their accomplishments.

You know those friends and/or co workers you miss? Round them up and sign up for a Team Build to get reconnected and empowered while giving back!

Or girls, ask your teachers to sign you and your girlfriends up for a Team Build so you can hang out building some cool picnic tables to donate to non profits who can’t afford to buy them!

  • Create new bonds
  • Work with many different folks
  • Master the art of using a cordless screw gun
  • Rely on each other to overcome challenges
  • Adjust to team members joining and leaving your team (this eliminates competition)
  • Tap into your inner power to discover that you can build
  • Feel the satisfaction of working together to overcome challenges
  • Discover how your new building skills can empower a non profit in need of tables


Round up your staff/employees and sign up for a powerful experience that will unite, inspire and empower your team.


Silence those voices of self doubt to push through struggles together to build confidence and self esteem while learning some building skills.

Give Back

Recognize how your time and energy can make a difference for so many. Donate some pretty awesome tables you learned how to build to area non profits or inner city schools.

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